Imaginary Journeys Collection: Deeply Evocative Soundtracks That Calm, Inspire and Give Strength
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CD in Ultra-High Quality Audio

The Imaginary Journeys Collection's First EP - The CD in ultra-high quality audio containing all six tracks released thus far 

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The first track of
the New
Soundtrack No.3

- Piano & Cinematic Orchestra -

Listen to Magic River preview

Magic River is the first track and the Main Title of the new Imaginary Journeys Collection's Soundtrack No.3

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A Collection of Dreams, Passions & Adventures

“You exist to live the life you imagine, and everything that happens to you can only remind you of that” - Imaginary Journeys is a collection of Soundtracks full of dreams, passions and adventures. - These deeply evocative pieces capture you, instantly transporting you to peaceful, uncontaminated places to find relaxation, inspiration and new energy. - A thousand things happen every day to inspire you to live the life you imagine, and your experience of the Imaginary Journeys Soundtracks is one of them. - That's the real purpose of this music and this project – to inspire you to embark on a journey to discover and live the life you exist for. - Have a good trip!

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